Remote Experience

The Creative Mind Creates the Unique Track Experience

AMA. Eat a perfectly balanced breakfast; one that consists of protein, fat, and carbohydrate.       +B. Read for 20 Minutes. Read something real; something that will further your understanding concerning the big picture of life.      +C. Say a prayer and then get lost in meditative thought for 2-3 minutes after the prayer.       +D. Look to carry your prayer and the concept that you studied around with you during the day. PMA. At a track, perform a warm-up Jog for 5 minutes, directing your thoughts towards gratitude.       +B. Run 200 Meter @ 90%; walk 200 meters X 6. During the walk, look to recognize and appreciate the experience you are having. Look to appreciate the weather and the nature around you. Be proud of yourself for having the courage to make such an experience happen.       +C. On the field perform: 5 fast Burpees + sprint 100 meters + 5 fast Burpees; rest is walk back X 4      +D. Write about the days experience, and email me how it went. If you performed the experience in its entirety - then what did you learn and notice? Email me what you wrote.