WAR - A Program of Doing

A Program of Doing

The thing that is truly unique about the WAR program is that it's a program of doing and acting. One can come into the program with the darkest of all mind frames, but if they actively do the program, where they participate fully in the nutrition and gym experience, while also trying to work on their spiritual self, then it is within weeks that they can feel a change that will be powerful and lasting, since their motivation will increase dramatically because they will have seen and felt a change physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. So many programs are programs of waiting: waiting to feel better by talking in a circle; waiting to feel better by watching the clock and counting the days; waiting to feel better by hiding in a bubble; waiting to feel better by attending meetings; waiting to feel better by working with a therapist. Fact of the matter is, is that change does not occur by waiting around, but it comes through actively doing something that can help us to change the way that we live our life. An intense lifestyle change has to occur, or no change can occur, and this is exactly what the WAR program offers.All of the the things aforementioned are good tools, however, they consist of a lot of waiting, and no doing. I am under the firm belief that the WAR Lifestyle propels those that struggle with addiction towards change more than any other way of life. In WAR, participants are coached on the physical, nutritional, and the spiritual. They are pushed to limits they, themselves, never thought to be possible. They learn how to eat, and how to fuel themselves properly. They learn how to get high through nutrition, physical fitness, and spirituality. The individual of whom comes to find such a harmony in their life becomes unique in the way that they carry them self, and even in the way that they perceive life. The nutrition feeds them confidence, which then fuels their physical capabilities; and then this new understanding concerning nutrition and their physical capabilities then feeds them confidence in the way that they perform in life, and even how they look, then leading them to further motivation to improve; and then the spiritual feeds them confidence in the way that they deal with adversity, then giving them hope for brighter days. And when these three components are in fluent harmony - they, in a real sense, provide the participant with a light and a glow that will allow for them to carry a confident clout about them that will be recognizable to all, almost causing a great leader to come forth.Something powerful happens to an individual when they start fitting in to their clothes a little differently. Something powerful happens to an individual when they feel an energy they have never felt before. Something powerful happens to an individual when they have finally learned to rely on faith to help them through the foggy times. The way of the WAR lifestyle is the way. It's the way for those of us who are haunted often with the dark shadowy mind; it's a way for us to come to find our light minds; or the minds that we used to have when we were young and innocent children-but have since been stripped of due to our poor progression through the world.  We can become innocent again as we once were when we were young children, but we must participate fully in the WAR program. We cannot be casual in our efforts, but we must fight the WAR daily, and even strive daily in trying to get better at all facets of the WAR program, for there are many, which is why learning the WAR Lifestyle is a lifelong pursuit; however, it is a fun pursuit because it gives us purpose- as well as an opportunity to replace our poor addictions with healthy addictions.We need to hop up out of the addictive world, and free ourselves from Her grips. We need to be able to live in the world, but not be of the world. Buy into the nutrition, and be intense about it. Buy into the the spiritual, and be intense about it. Buy into the physical, and be intense about it. It is especially true that if you participate to the best of your ability in trying to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit, then you will escape your black and white mind frame, and you will begin to see the real colors of life.-Hawk