Weekend Experience

Be Creative

NOTE: Make this happen; be creative in how you choose to perform this experience; go above and beyond what you would expect out of yourself. A. Run 10 min @ warm up run. Get lost in meditative thought and prayer+Run 30 sec @ 90% + Run 30 sec @ 50% x 8+Run 60 sec @ 90% + Run 60 sec @ 50% x 4+Run 90 sec @ 90%+ Run 90 sec @ 50% x 2+Run 10 min cool down run/walk. Get lost in meditative thought and prayerB. Work on your spirituality for 30 minutes. This could include prayer + reading + writing in a journal, finding solitude + uplifting music, etc. Think outside the box on this. Maybe during the cool down of the run you start working on your spirituality. Maybe you have your book and journal with you – where you sit down, read, and then capture thoughts and spiritual insight. Maybe you take a drive in to solitude where you listen to uplifting music along the way.  Those are just some examples, but I need you to be creative in your effort. I want you to get spiritually lifted; and work on yourself for 30 minutes to an hour. I’ll say it again, be creative. Spirituality can come in many different forms.

"The greatest self-improvement method is self-introspection."

C. Write, and even in depth, about how the experience went. What did you learn. Email me what you wrote: dustin@workoutaddictionrecovery.com