Remote Experience

Go Run in a Unique Place. Be an athlete and get out of your comfort zone; go look to experience something that is real and lasting. The way to catching a lasting high is through the tying in of exercise with your spiritual work. Exercise creates the perfect platform for spirituality to be worked on. The endorphin lift, coupled with inspirational music, then leads to thoughts of gratitude and prayer, then creating a most magical spiritual high that only those who are true searchers can come to experience. Be a searcher of new ways to get high through the spiritual and the physical. Don't just casually live the WAR Lifestyle, but passionately search to live it to the fullest.  

A. In a unique, and even beautiful area, run for 2 minute at 80%, walk for 1 minute X 10. While walking, say a prayer of gratitude each time during the rest. Each prayer should be an extension of the prayer before. Don’t be repetitive, but pray about all of the things that you are thankful for in your life. Let the endorphins from the running assist you in your prayers; and really look to recognize the relationship between exercise and spirituality.       +B. Read a book that is in line with spirituality. Read about God; read about Christ; read whatever works for you, but read something of substance and that is going to assist you towards achieving a higher level of thinking. Tie this reading in with writing. Read a little, and then write about the impressions that you get from that reading.