Gym Experience

The Spiritual Side

NOTE: Move through this workout at a good pace. Advance smoothly from the CLEAR to the STRONG to the BALANCE. CLEARA. 10 Fast Burpees; rest 30 seconds X 3       rest exactly 1 minute in betweenB. 30 KBSnatch (55/35) for time - 15 each armSTRONGA. Quickly Build to a tough triple in the Push JerkB. 30 Push Jerks for time using 70% of what you built to on A.NOTE: Advanced - clean it up each time as apposed to taking it from the rack on BBALANCE3-5 Sets of: 8 TnG Power Snatch (115,75) + 20 Unbroken Pull Ups; rest 3 minutesNOTE: Depending on how your body feels do 3 or 5. Be crisp and efficient on the power snatches as well as the pull ups. Think about keeping them both tight and efficient.