Remote Experience

Sprints on the Field

A. 5 minute Warm Up Jog; say a prayer of gratitude.       +B. Sprint 60 Meters @ 100% effort; rest 2 minutes X 8. If you can, run these 60′s on some grass. Look to be loose while running; dont run tight, but be fluent.       +C. 5 Minute Cool Down Jog; say another prayer, now asking for help with something that you need helping with.     +D. Write about the following concept: "I wanna teach people how to experience fitness & spirituality simultaneously and in congruent with one and other." What do you think this means to you-and how are you going to go on and experience a way of life such as this? (Spirituality & Fitness). What do you think it would look like for you? Paint a picture. Email me what what you or post it to comments.