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The Study Buddies- Right? Wrong..

CLEARA. 15 Toes2Bar; rest 1 minute X 3B. 10 KB Snatch; rest 1 minute X 3NOTE: Work on using those hips on the KB snatch. Be strong at the top, even punching through aggressively. After completing B, warm up to the load you are going to use for part A in strong. STRONGA. 3 Squat Clean; on the minute for 10 minutes @ 55-70% of 1RMB. 2-3 Bar Muscle Ups; on the minute for 10 minutesNOTE: Scale bar muscle up with 3 CTB pull ups+ 3 Ring Dips. Log the load you use on part A, as this will be important for future programming.BALANCE15-12-9 reps for time of:Squat Clean (135/75) + CTB Pull UpsNOTE: log how you do..make sure you are complete in your range of motion, bouncing out of the bottom.       +WAR CONCEPT: Moving on from last week and into this week -I want to keep examining Amphetamine, particularly the drug known as Adderall. Please chip away at the following article. It's a fairly long read, but just chip away at it and make sure you get through it so that we can all be on the same page and moving forward. This is an educational program, therefore, we need to be educated as of to what's happening in the world around us so that we can be prepared to help the people who need helping. I would love to hear your comments concerning this article. You can email them to me, or you can post to comments. Thanks....Click to Read: Drowned In a Stream of Prescriptions