Remote Experience

High Away

A. Run for 30 minutes at a Z1 pace (a pace you could have a converstation at). If weather won't permit, then run indoors, or even on a treadmill. Make this happen. As always, direct you thinking towards gratitude; get lost in prayer and meditative thought.       +B.  Write about the following concept: Can you see the importance of thinking outside the box in creating experiences for yourself? Can you see how it will change you, and even put you on a new productive path because you will have done something out of the ordinary, and even unique to your current way of doing things?Don’t be afraid to be weird, for it is in our weird doings that we will find solace and escape from lifes uncomfortableness.This program isn’t always about lifting weights in a gym setting.  It’s about being physically active in all areas of your life; and having experiences through being physically active. Experiences that you will remember, which then will become motivating; therefore creating a different perspective on life through being phsically active -Hawk