Remote Experience

Experience The Basin

EXPERIENCE NOTE: Make the location a place of substance that’s unique to your common routine. Do the run, meditation, prayer, and the reading all at the same remote location of your choosing. If its cold (then bundle up), you can do the reading in your car, or wherever.  Think outside the box and go have have a good, unique experience.A. Run a 5k for timeNOTE: Challenge yourself on this 5K. Go hard, and even push past of what you think you can do. Map out an incredible route, and then go for it.       +B. On sight, and after the run, then Meditate & Pray for 10 minutes, actively walking while getting lost in meditative thought and prayer.       +C. Study & Read a Spiritual Book of your choosing for 20 MinutesNOTE: This could be done in your car, outside, or wherever - just be creative. Don't just read in the same places that you've always read, but be creative.