Remote Experience

Hush & Be Slow

EXPERIENCE NOTE: Go find a good area and hill to perform this experience at. Be creative, and don't be lazy. A. Perform a 5 minute warm up Jog; say a prayer of gratitude, and look to think deeply about all of the things and people you are thankful.        +B. 100 Meter Hill Sprints (medium grade - not too steep) @ 100% X 6. While walking down analyze the experience you are having with the Remote Experience. Think about how great it is that you actually have the courage to make an experience such as this happen; and how thankful you are for having the ability to be creative while being physically active. Think about the experience associated within this Remote Experience, and how by doing experiences such as this will help you to have the necessary courage in other areas of your life to be creative and unique, then allowing you to see life on a truly heightened level. Ponder this concept during the Remote Experience...       +C. 5 minute Cool down jog; say another prayer, now asking for help with something that you need helping with. Don't be repetitive, but be real, and even speak from the soul.        +D. Find an inspirational song; or even a song that will assist you in the recollection of the good past. Of a time when you were young, innocent, and the world as you once knew it was different-since you had not yet been tainted by the world. As you are listening to the song, write about the impressions that are flowing into your mind.