Remote Experience

The Power of Swimming

EXPERIENCE NOTE: Go find a pool, and make an experience out of this. Almost everyone has a pool in their community; get outside of your comfort Zone, and go swimming. We are going to be swimming quite often this winter; so find a way to make this happen so that you can see what we are trying to do through these remote experiences.A. Swim AMLapsAP in 12 Minutes. Swim in whatever way you may know how.      +B. Evaluate where your nutrition is at.  Study about "satiety" and "satiation"- and then email me what you found.      +C. Go buy, or borrow one of these two books "The Paleo Solution" OR "It Starts With Food"- and then read it within the next 10 days.       +D. Find an inspirational quote and then text it to at least three people.