Gym Experience

Hop Out of the Dark Mind

WAR PROGRAM NOTE: Starting this week we are going into a different direction. Moving forward in the months to come, and throughout the winter we are really going to be working on the Snatch & the Clean & Jerk, and of course the LBBS and Front Squat. It is important that you all track your progress in the gym, for if you don't then you will stall out, and even lose your drive and momentum. You need to keep trying to get better at the Gym experience; and the only way you will do that is if you get into the gym experience by trying to set personal records every week, and then get excited about those personal records.Nutrition plays a big role in all of this as well; if your nutrition is lazy, then so will your gym experience be lazy. Let's all recommit to getting better, I know I'm going to. ThanksClearA. AMRoundsAP in 6 Minutes of:5 Toes2Bar + 5 Burpees + 5 Ring DipsNOTE: Compare old notes. Scale ring dips with bench dips, and toes2bar with knees2Elbow.StrengthA. 1 Clean & Jerk; Rest 1 Minute X 15NOTE: You do 5 singles, resting a minute in between (each single) at 65% of your 1rm. 5 singles at 70% of your 1RM. And 5 singles at 75% of your 1RM; then totaling 15 singles. This is a clean, not power clean; so you are working at catching it in the bottom of the front squat rack position. Log your loads, as this is important for future programming.B. 3 Front Squat; Rest 2 Minutes X 5NOTE: Do 80% of your 3RM. For those who have been following WAR you should know your FS 3RM. For those who don't, base the percentage off of effort.ConditioningA. 3 Rounds for Time of:20 KBS + 15 Pull Ups + 10 ThrustersNOTE: KBS load is 70/55; Advanced do CTB; and thruster loads are: 135, 115,95,65.+WAR Concept: Creating Unique ExperiencesHow would one expect to change their behavior if they fail to create new and healthy experiences for themselves? Most people, when trying to change, can't picture themselves doing something that is unordinary or unique to them. In their mind the idea of creating a unique experience for themselves is so far fetched that they will never have the courage to experience something that they might like. A dark cloud blocks their mind, almost making it impossible for them to see life from a different, and even a better angle. If they would just climb out of that dark bottom, and even have the courage to be unique for one brief moment, then they would see that that dark cloud that has been engulfing their mind for so long was nothing more than an illusion; and that a beautiful light awaits to pierce through into their mind as they seek out unique experiences for themselves; which, these experiences, if sought after diligently, will allow for them to see life again- since they will have developed confidence that they can, without delay or hesitancy, go about creating unordinary experiences for themselves on a consistent basis, then helping them to change paths; and even a path away from their old habits, and towards new and healthy habits.Write about, and even discuss this concept