Seeking the Spiritual Life: Act In Spirituality & Being Tired

 Seeking the Spiritual Life: Act In Spirituality & Being TiredSeeking a spiritual life proves to be a challenging task for many as they enter into the WAR program. Many will buy into the nutritional component as well as the physical components, but the spiritual component seems to be the hardest component for people to get into. Why is this the case? Is it because the spiritual component requires work when no one else is looking? Is it because spirituality takes longer to develop in an individuals life?All of these reasons hold especially true, but I am under the firm belief that because of the fact that spirituality has the greatest chance of truly enhancing ones character, that the unseen opposing forces that lay behind the scenes of life become hard at work in their efforts at persuading people to take an alternate course, for these opposing forces know all too well that if they can cause this individual to put off spirituality, then they can stall their efforts from overcoming the world, and even hinder them from achieving their full human potential.For instance, take somebody that has entered into the WAR program, where they have achieved great results from the physical and nutritional component of the program, but have failed to act in the spirituality component. Say this person was blinded by the substances of this world for five years, but has now been clear for six months. They work hard in the WAR gym experience, and their nutrition has been diligently sought after and worked on, in which they have gotten great results physically; and they do feel good about this. However, due to their past history of escaping reality and giving way to the world for so long, their mind and spirit are, in a sense, playing catch up-since they were on pause for five years, which has caused this individual to still have many immature character flaws. Their language is immature, and even their actions are often times immature. They still have a very selfish character, and are awkward in most social situations, where they lack confidence. Their physical self is in tune, but their mind and character has been left flabby. Though their mind has somewhat improved through the gym and nutrition, where they have learned discipline, and  how also to remain comfortable while being uncomfortable; however, they have failed miserably to really  learn how to progress in their overall character due to their lack of effort in improving their spiritual self. Or in other words, there is still a very valuable piece missing to their WAR puzzle, which is the piece making up the improvement of ones spiritual and mental self, and is even the cornerstone that supports the entire foundation in an individuals pursuit to putting their life's pieces back together.Act In SpiritualityNow when I speak of spiritual self I am not only talking about developing a relationship with God, but am also speaking of the consistent effort by an individual to really improve themselves through reading, studying, writing, and then acting upon what they have been studying, reading, and writing about. For instance, if a person is striving to learn to be a more patient, humble person; and they have been studying about how to become a more patient humble person for some time, but then fail to act in what they have studied, where they just let it go in one ear and out the other, never fully committing to working on the development of these attributes in their lives, then they will have studied these concepts for no reason, since their behavior will most definitely remain the same.  The reading and studying was simply not enough, but the acting in what they have studied is the real test. If an individual fails to act on what they know, then they will continue to be reacted upon, in which they will always wonder why they can't progress past a certain point.Being TiredNow lets go in another direction. How do we deal with being tired? Do you think that by having a relationship with God, and by striving to live his way of life, that one can be fueled with constant energy?  I have noticed, in my own life, that if I am spiritually in tune, where I don't offend spirituality, then I remain energized and in control of all things in my life, including when adversity strikes. It's almost like I have help when I start to get low on energy, in which this help picks me back up, then allowing me to keep working, and even remain patient and on task for longer periods of time, for if I lose my patience then I lose my energy since my energy is tied directly to spirituality; and if I offend the gift of patience, then I offend spirituality, which spirituality is then driven from my soul, then making me weak and of the Natural Man.Write about, and even discuss these concepts-Hawk