Afraid To Compete

Afraid to Compete

by Dustin Hawkins

We are all born with the desire to compete in this world, but it is only as we succumb to the ways of the world that this desire slowly fades, then making us fearful to go on in doing life through a clear lens, which is why so many can't seem to escape the grips of addiction. Life is a competition whether people want to believe that or not, and we have to be willing to compete, and even be uncomfortable at times. The person that struggles with relapse, where they can’t seem to be able to endure long enough to really get their life on track, has lost the gift of competition in that they can't get comfortable competing for a position in the game of life. At first- their job may be low, and not what they had in mind, so they quit fighting to maintain that job because they fear the real world, and also the competition associated within the real world, which then causes them to fall back into their old way of life time and time again. And then every time they go back on pause, it becomes harder and harder for them to get un-paused since they are now aware of what it’s going to take to not only get un-paused again, but also of the challenging road and competition that awaits as they strive to return to the reality of life. The gift of competition, or the competitive spirit that we are all born and blessed with, can be regained to the addicts character if they would just be willing to endure through hardships-and even the pain that post life addiction is going to present them with. There is a process to getting back in the game of life, since life is the most competitive game of all.So it is with the heroine addict, who has two months clear, but because of the fact that he was on pause for four years due to his addiction to heroine, he is now behind since the world just kept moving forward, but he remained on pause. Now that he is un-paused, life is hard because he has had to take a low level job that he may even feel that he is above; and it's because of this above type thinking that he wants the process to be sped up, and for things to happen now; he doesn't want to compete through the process of it all, and therein lies the problem.So as you can clearly see; the confidence levels of the heroine addict are lost, and even the clout just isn’t there, which makes the desire to compete a very challenging task since he wants to be caught up now; he doesn't want to have to endure, fight, and even compete for a position in the game of life because that would mean he would have to be uncomfortable, and even start at the bottom. So then what does he do? He goes back to being on pause after two months time.It's the same story for the adult alcoholic who has remained a kid in their ways, never changing or growing at all because they have never had to change since his or her parents had the financial means and enabling powers to keep bailing them out of every poor situation that they ever put themselves in. So now they are thirty-seven, and have never had to compete in the game of life; and they are now so far behind that the future looks a bit dim. This happens all to often to those families who seem to have money; and it's through that money that the problem lays-in that the money has made them too comfortable, and even complacent to the point that the spirit of competition becomes non-existent to the younger generation because of the padded way off life that the money has since given way too.