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Experience Hiking in the Fall

What you'll need: Light pack with water + Fuel + BookA. Go on a fall hike at a High Intensity-Rough, and preferably steep terrain. Go hard for 30 minutes time. The fall is a perfect time to hike. Make this happen and send me pictures:       +B. On the site of the Hike: Read a powerful book, or a book that will assist you in finding something out about yourself. Read for 20 minutes + get lost in meditative thought & prayer + Fuel yourself.       +C. WAR Concept: Wellness & The Low Bar Back SquatIf there was one lift, or one movement that would prepare an individual for the physical challenges of life, and would  even assist them in staying young-what movement would have such a capability?I'm under the firm belief that this movement is the low bar back squat, simply because if done properly it promotes the highest form of wellness, though I'm no physical therapist, nurse practitioner, doctor, or physicians assistant; however, what I am is a former athlete who still wants to feel like an athlete as I get older; and as I get older, I continue to passionately explore new ways of how I can remain athletic going in to the next phase of my life, and the one movement that seems to offer me that capability is the Low-Bar back squat.The bar placement over the mid line of the foot, and the forcing of the knees out while traveling to a parallel depth, then creates an active hip, which allows for the entire use of the posterior chain, which I believe to be the chain that keeps us young and athletic. No movement seems to promote wellness in my own body as the low bar back squat does.If done properly, this lift can keep us young, though many may disagree. I'm not talking about competing, or anything along those lines. What I'm speaking of is wellness, and I feel that the Low Bar Back squat will repair the hurt back, or even the bad knee, for this lift will strengthen all of the muscles surrounding such areas, then making those areas become strong, and not hurt anymore. People want to say that squatting hurts the knees, and is hard on the back. But what I would say to these people is that squatting improperly is hard on the knees and back, but squatting properly is great for the knees and back; and will even improve the knee and back, then making an individual free to be active, where they can live life to fullest through remaining athletic as the years gain on them.What are your thoughts?