Gym Experience

Shoot for the Moon

A. L- Holds ALongAP; rest 90 seconds X 5NOTE: You can do these on rings, hanging from the pull up bar, or on parallettes. You just hang in the L-Position, or hold yourself in the L-position with your feet straight out.       +B. 3 Back Squat+5 High Box Jumps; rest 2 minutes X 3.NOTE: Use 90% of Fridays load on the BS (scaling the volume down to 3 sets instead of 5). The box jump should be high, where you think about being xplosive for 5 reps. (Squat down, then explode). This is the last week of this method; next week we are traveling into a different direction.       +C.  5 Rounds For Time:10 Pull Ups + 10 KBS + 10 BurpeesNOTE: Log time completed. KBS is 70/55/35. Advanced do CTB, and clear your ears on the KBS. Novice, scale to 3 rounds.