Remote Experience

Experience Lake Running

What You'll Need: A Book, Apple + Almonds+ Turkey Jerky, Wearing a Swim Suite + Running shoes, change of clothes. For the optimal experience, try and do this workout during the 6pm-8pm time frame. The summer months are coming to an end - so make sure you get the most of this experience.        +A. At a pretty lake run for 20 minutes @ Z1 pace, or a pace that you could have a conversation at. Be creative of to where you jog around the lake. Look to switch up the terrain. Maybe you find a trail, or a road, or run on the beach for a time. Think outside the box while running, and look to have a good experience by enjoying the scenery at this time of night. BE CREATIVE and UNIQUE.       +B. Cool down in the lake. Do some relaxing swimming, and work on swimming. Work on the breast stroke; work on the trudgen stroke; work on staying a float; work on swimming under water - and look to have a good relaxing time while playfully swimming.        +C. Still at the lake, after you've dried off, get lost in prayer and meditation. Think about all of the things that you are thankful for in your life. Say a prayer of thanksgiving, and then ask for help in overcoming a weakness that you are hoping to make a strength. Ask for help in the managing of your addiction. Be sincere, and don't be repetetive - have a conversation, believing that you will receive help and answers to your prayer, and then carry this prayer in your mind during the days to come.       +D. Read for 15-30 minutes. Should be a book that is motivating, or a book that is going to assist you in improving yourself. I promote scripture study often, but if that's not your thing right now - then find a book that is your thing.