The Remote Experience

Experience Stadium Running

A. Go stadium running. If you can't find a stadium, find a hill. Be creative in how you go about this. Maybe you go to a high school stadium and run the stairs, and then run a lap. Maybe you go find a grass hill and run sprints up it. Create an experience for yourself that last at least 45 minutes. This 45 minutes could consist of the working out, and also meditation while in between stadium running/hill running. Be creative!! Create your own workout through this stadium / hill running concept, and then email me what you did, and how it went.       +B. Say a prayer on the site you worked out at; after the workout. Get into the prayer. Don't pray casually or repetitively.       +C. Rent and watch "The Shawshank Redemption"       +D. Write about how the experience went, and then email it to me.