Remote Experience

 A. Go Swimming in a lake. I'm just promoting that you practice swimming, and then read, relax, and meditate at the lake. You could do this in the later evening, or in the morning/mid-day, yours is to choose. Work on your swimming technique, and get your heart rate up while doing so. Make sure you are swimming in a place that is safe, free from boats. Be smart...+B. While Swimming - work on the Trudgen Stroke. Check video. 

The Trudgen Stroke

The important arm action of the trudgen is as follows: The stroke is started by pressing the arms alternately through the water with elbows straight. This motion is carried through until the elbow reaches the surface of the water close to the body. The elbow should then be lifted from the water until the hand emerges, and the hand is extended just above the surface until the arm is straight. When the hand enters the water, the arm should be pressed straight down for another stroke. As one arm presses through the water, the other reaches forward toward the start of the stroke. For the leg motion, one hip is kept about 4 inches lower than the other as the scissors kick is started. The body motion is a forward roll through the water. Co-ordination of arms and legs is important. The leg motion must be geared to the position of the hips. With the left hip low, the kick is performed as the left hand moves forward; then the legs are kept together as the right hand goes forward. With the right hip low, the reverse action is followed.