Thinking Out Loud: Nutrition Quickly

 Nutrition Quickly: Bread is a bad carbohydrate, and acts like sugar when it’s broken down in your system. It’s okay to have a little, but not a lot. Eat similar to like a cave man would. Make sure that you are eating enough, and are on a schedule. You should go no longer than 4-5 hours without food. Eat like a cave man would: Meat, nuts, berries, fruit, vegetable, water etc; cheese is a form of protein; don’t be afraid to eat cheese from time to time, especially for a snack. Drink plenty of water, and make sure you’re getting enough protein in your system. Turkey wrapped up in cheese is a great way to eat. Just think about eating clean, and you’ll feel clean. STAYING HYDRATED IS KEY….Hit the drinking fountain up often, and have a water bottle always by your side. Bring something to help you recover after your workout (recovery shake, chocolate milk, etc). If you have to eat out, order clean off the menu. Order a grilled chicken sandwich from Wendy's and take off the top bun, and have a large ice water with it. Go to subway and order a six inch turkey with double meat, loaded with veggies; take off the top bun. Go to cafe rio and costa vida and get a chicken salad with no rice or beans, just tomatoes, guacamole, lettuce, and a side of ranch dressing. Just think about eating clean. Don't ever order a value meal with fries and a pop. If you've got to do fast food, then do it clean by just ordering something by itself like a grilled chicken sandwich and a water. Never get fries and a drink. Only get a sandwich and a water, and take off the top piece of bread. If you are extra hungry then order two chicken breasts instead of one - with a large water. Catch my drift? Just think about eating clean, similar to a cave man, but maybe not as strict as a cave man. We are looking to make this way of eating into a lifestyle, and in order to do that you've gotta find out what works best for you. Eat clean. Make it happen...Stay away from: potatoes, potato chips, bread, pasta, rice, cereal, candy, sugar, popEat a lot of: Meat, chicken, Eggs, Jerky, almonds, fruit, vegetables, drink water, nuts, seeds, berries, bananas, peppers, drink whole milk sometimes.