Remote Experience

Therapeutic Running

A. Perform a 400 Meter Time Trial; rest 5 minutes + And then perform 400 meters @ 75%; resting 1 minute x 4.  NOTE: The time trial is an all out effort, and then the following four 400 meters are at 75% of what you time trial time was. Do this at a track in the evening after it cools - around 8:30. 400 Meters is 1-lap around a track. So you do the time trial, rest 5 minutes, and then begin your first of four 400 meter runs at 75%; resting one minute in between. Thanks.       +B. Study your scriptures for 10 minutes, followed by prayer and meditation. When I say study, I mean study with a real intent to learn. Think deep about the concepts and their higher meaning.      +C. Before you leave the track send out a text telling someone how much you love and appreciate them.      +D. Click to Read "The Sower went Forth to Sow"