The Invisible Hand: The Clear Life

The Invisible Hand: The clear life

The only way to live life to the fullest is through a clear lens.  I believe that if we as human beings strive to live a life full of clarity and good works we will be put on course to become who we are supposed to become. When we get off this course through being clouded, our path seems to change, becoming a less progressive path, and even a destructive path.  When we are clouded our thoughts are directed to the ways of the world where we become selfish in our ways, and rarely think about anything, or anyone else.The clouded life leads to a selfish life.  When we are clouded we don’t see anything around us anymore; it’s a life that’s all about us, and what’s next for us, or what’s in it for us. The Invisible Hand of Help becomes non-existent in our lives, leading us to rely solely on what the world has to offer. When we are clear, we are capable of handling so much more. Though life can get overwhelming at times, being clear propels us to listen, and to become observant during times of cluster. Handling adversity while clouded leads to a false escape from that adversity, in which important aspects of life become of little importance due to the distorted frame of mind that the cloud has since caused. The problem with the clouded approach is that these overwhelming circumstances that life presents us all with get pushed aside; however, they don’t go away.  You see, through all adversity there is a learning experience to be had. When we are clouded we fail to learn anything due to the cloud that engulfed our mind. That cloud may have masked the problem, but it did not make the problem go away.  For years this masking could go on, day upon day - pushing our problems aside by getting clouded, and then when that mask is removed, we are flooded with those pushed aside problems, and we are to mentally immature to even come close to dealing with those problems.Life in itself is such a learning experience.  We don’t learn anything when we are clouded. We have to be able to deal with sadness, stress, boredom, adversity, and any and everything else that challenges us, or makes us uncomfortable. There is an Invisible Hand that will guide and help us as we push forward, and as we diligently seek a clear productive life.  Some will never come to recognize the Invisible Hand in their lives, but He is present, all you have to do is actively seek His help by humbling yourself before Him.-HawkClick Here for todays Gym Experience