Gym Experience

Go Hard

A. Back Squat 5 Reps X 3    +Rest 3Minutes4 sets of:3 power clean & Jerk (195,135)12 CTB Pull Ups50 Double Unders (shoot for UB)12 CTB Pull Ups3 Power Clean & Jerk (195,135)   + Rest 3 MinutesB. Thrusters 5 Reps X 3GYM NOTE: Log loads used on BS/Thrusters (both A&B). Novice, scale pull ups as necessary. On the 4 sets, you need to log 4 different times; log loads used as well. If you are past the novice stage and you still can't do double unders, this tells me that you're not working like you should at them. You've gotta get these, it's important. Scale the clean and jerk as necessary, prescribed weight is 195 & 135. Stick to the tempo of the workout. ThanksClick Here for todays WAR Article: Slip Up