Thinking Out Loud: Pure Joy

Pure Joy

I can't help but think that pure joy comes from starting a family of our own. The older I get, and the longer I go in progressing on this path of clarity its becoming evident that true joy comes from progressing as a husband and father. It's the progression of learning to be the helpful man; the fix it man; the errand man; the patient man; the poised man; the principled man; the confident man; the proactive man; the real man, or the well rounded man who doesn't let the things of this world effect him.

The personal growth and potential that comes from living a clear principled centered life is endless. I often times wonder why it is that I ever let myself get off of this wonderful path of clarity. Oh how I hope and pray that I can continue on in this path, never wavering to the left nor the right, but staying focused on the center path that I know to be right. There is no greater feeling than when pure joy strikes my heart and mind for no apparent reason - other than the clear simplicities of life.It's watching your little girl enjoy her tumbling class; it's watching her learn to tie her shoe; it's watching your little boy say new words, and laughing hysterically; its telling your kids stories at night, and then praying with them; it's singing your little boy back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night with an upset stomach;  it's praying by yourself at night, asking that your family be protected, and safe from the harmful things of this world; it's taking your kids to church, and watching them from the back of the room as they learn about God and all of his wonderful gifts.Pure joy truly can be obtained from life's simple intricacies, and the longer I go striving to live this clear life, I almost feel like I'm getting better at all of it. I'm getting better at living in the moment, and then appreciating that moment. I'm getting better at making everything into a positive experience, regardless of what it is that I may be involved in. I think, that is in fact, the secret,  "the experience in everything"-mentality, because lets face it, not all things are fun in our mind; however, there is an experience to be had in all things, and I really feel that if we go into everything with that "experience" frame of mind, then nothing that we will ever be involved in will be boring, because there is something beautiful in everything.


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