Thinking Out Loud: Time To Step Up

Time To Step Up

You're constantly bringing your family down by letting your disease control you, it's time to step up. You've brought financial worries to your entire family, it's time to step up. Your wife doesn't trust you, it's time to step up. Your wife has to control the money and be the bread winner in the family because of your lack of ability to work and stay focused, it's time to step up. Your wife deals with all of life's adversity clear, while she watches you hide, it's time to step up. Your kids are more in tune with mom because you are too busy hiding all of the time, it's time to step up.It's time to step up; there is no greater time than now, your family needs you. You will never become the father husband they so badly need if you're constantly taking yourself out of reality. Step up and make a change. Step up and get clear, and then stay clear. Come to the realization that life is what it is, and that it doesn't have to be fun all of the time. Step up and help your wife and family by being a leader, instead of a hollow human being that is driven only by the substances of this world. Be driven by your family; be motivated by your family; it's through your family that the greatest high of all can be achieved. You don't need to be clouded all of the time. If your clouded all of the time you remain in a tunnel, never having the ability to see what life is all about. You'll never come to understand pure joy; pure joy only comes through experiencing life's trials clear, where you then learn to be appreciative of all things, and then joy can be obtained because of that.Help out around the house clear; do yard work clear; lead your family to church clear; take your kids to the park clear; go to work clear; pay the bills clear; go to movies clear; do everything clear, and live in the moment while doing so. Use prayer during challenging times, and learn to fight through the boredom and depression. Find other ways to get high through exercise and spirituality, for these are the best ways to get high; they are real lasting ways to get high. Be creative; become a searcher; become a man of understanding; become a man of substance, who works hard, and is determined to improve himself; become a man who fights for his happiness; become a man of clarity and sound understanding concerning the big picture of life. Become the man your family needs. Make it happen cap'n.