Gym Experience

Strength Bias

A1. Back Squat 3 reps X 3 (sets across)A2. Pull Ups COVP 25 reps X 3    Rest 3-4 Minutes3 Rounds For Time of:3  Cleans (225 scale from there)10 HSPU    +rest 3 minutes3 Rounds For Time:3 Dead Lifts (315 scale from there)10 BurpeesGYM NOTE: Scale as necessary. Advanced, shoot for unbroken pull ups. Novice to intermediate chip away, trying to achieve 25 good pull ups, breaking them however you may need. Novice/Intermediate, scale loads on both rounds for time (Adv. If you can Power Clean 225, then do it, if not, catch in the squat rack), and then log time and load. Advanced, let's see where you're at. Thanks.Click Here for todays Article: Time To Step Up