Gym Experience


A1. Back Squat 5 Reps X 4 (4 Sets across-Heavier than Monday)    Rest 15 secondsA2. Ring Dips (2 sec Pause at top) AMRepsAP X 4    Rest 2-3 MinutesB. On the minute for 6 minutes perform 2 Power Snatch + 6 OHSC1. 10 Max Pull Calorie Rows    rest 15 secondsC2. 10 Burpees AFastAP    Rest 30 Seconds X 5GYM NOTE: Go Heavier than Monday on Back Squats (4 sets across); 2 second pause at the top of the ring dip, be disciplined on the tempo. Rest as need before starting B; rest as needed after you complete B before starting the C couplet. Max Pull Calorie rows means that we are trying to get a Calorie a pull (10 pulls 10 Calories), or the limited number of pulls as possible leading up to 10. Be aggressive on your pull, not a bunch of small little pulls.Log:  BS load, Ring dips accomplished, Load used on B, and the amount of time it took you to finish the C couplet, rests included.