Gym Experience

Platform: The Squat - Bar Position from stef bradford on Vimeo.Gym Thinking:I've been studying a lot lately about the back squat. For the next four weeks ( starting this week) We are going to work on getting better at the squat technique, and also getting stronger at this lift. From Monday to Thursday - from Thursday to Monday we are looking to increase our loads on the squat (3-4 sets X 5 across). So whatever load you logged yesterday (Monday) for four sets across on your back squat, you will go heavier on Thursday, whether it's 5lbs, 2.5 lbs or whatever, you just need to progress into a heavier load. We want to focus on linear progression; I am under the assumption that if our back squat gets stronger, then so does everything else, however, technique is everything, and recovery is everything. You need to be fueling yourself properly or none of this matters. On the Back squat - we've got to get our knees out of the way, and the bar needs to be positioned properly on our back. We've got to lead with our hips, forcing the Knees out, creating an active hip, which then helps eliminate the butt wink at the bottom - we don't want a butt wink. Make sure you watch todays video of Mark Rippetoe explaining Bar positioning (Low Bar Back Squat). He's the expert on the squat, so we need to listen. Thanks.AMRoundsAP in 20 Minutes of:10 Pull Ups10 Wall Balls10 Box Jumps (24)GYM NOTE: Let's see where you're at. Log full rounds + reps completed. 10 foot wall ball throws & 24 inch box jumps - full extension at the top.