Gym Experience

Correct Path

A1. Back Squat 5 Reps X 4 (4 Sets across 95% effort)    Rest 15 secondsA2. Weighted Push Up Strip (-2) AMRepsAP (90,45,25)    Rest 2-3 MinutesB. On the minute for 6 minutes perform 2 Heavy Clean & Jerks & 8 KBSC1. 10 toes2Bar    rest 15 secondsC2. 10 Burpees AFastAP    Rest 30 Seconds X 5GYM NOTE: Back Squat are sets across, meaning using the same weight for all 4 sets @ 95% effort (Heavier than last time we did sets across - check GYM journal). Strip down pushups are AMRepsAP-2 reps before failure and then weight is stripped - and then the same thing goes for the next weight. If you just have a 45 on your back, then you will do as many as possible -2 with 45, and then strip the plate off and just do regular pushups until failure.  If you have 2 plates on your back you will go till -2 before failure, strip, go till -2 before failure, strip, go till failure.Rest as needed after the A couplet before starting B, same goes after B before starting C. Warm up to the load you are going to use on B-then begin. Max effort on the clean & jerk; challenge yourself - find out where you're at.Click Here for todays WAR Article: Music