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Leader of the Pack

A. Hang power clean 45 seconds (Pick from 135,115,95,75)     Rest 15   Row 45 seconds    Rest 2 minutes X 3B. SDLHP 45 seconds (95,75)    Rest 15   Box Jumps 45 seconds (24,20)    Rest 2 minutes X 3C. Ring Dips 45 seconds     Rest 15  Burpees 45 seconds    Rest 2 minutes X 3GYM NOTE: Upon completing 3 sets at any given station, you will move to the next.  Ex) If you are at A, you will move to B, etc. Score is total reps and Calories. Once you have been through A,B,C - you are done.Check out todays WAR Article: What Goes Up Must Come Down