Thinking Out Loud

Tilted Perspective

Thinking Out Loud:This WAR Lifestyle can  become such an incredible way of life if you allow it to be.  I can't help but recognize the happiness that I feel when I'm living life under the realm of the WAR Balance.  This balance that I speak of consists of the harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. Picture a triangle with nutrition and physical activity on the two bottom corners, and spirituality at the top. As you progress in the WAR Lifestyle, continuing on in your nutritional, physical, and spirtitual growth, your human progress and potential will further expandtowards the tip of the triangle, where you will continue to gain an increase in learning concerning the relationship between them all.The progress is endless, which is why this is such a beautiful concept. I'm not even close to being where I want to be, but that's what makes this WAR Lifestyle so prestine and elite because of that very fact; the potetial is endless. You can take fitness levels to new heights, leading you to change both physically and mentally due to the mental preparation and dedication the elite gym experience requires. Such preparation as this requires early rising, proper fuel through various nutrtional concepts,  possibly going to the gym twice in one day, all while still maintaining your professional career and holding down a family.Leading a life such as this requires balance, preparation, dedication, and discipline.  This type of individual not only performs incredibly in the gym, but in daily life as well.  This type of individual has to have balance of the mind, body, and spirit. If his mind and body aren't properly fueled, we can't expect him to be effective in managing such an intense schedule.  If this person's spirit isn't in harmony with his mind and soul, then no real balance will occur anyway, therfore we cannot expect consistency.-HawkCheck out todays WAR GYM Experience