Weekend Experience

The Quiet Feel

A. Hit a punching bag for 20 Minutes (no punching bag - shadow box)       +B. Run 1 Mile + 30 Burpees for time (Could be done inside on a treadmill, or outside, yours is to choose)       +C. Start reading a New inspirational book.  The book needs to be uplifting and a self help type of book: Spiritual book, Inspirational book, Positive thinking book, Meditation book, Etc.  It is important to try and read this book in a quite relaxing environment.  Goal is to read at least 75 pages over the weekend.NOTE: Be creative in how you experience this. Think outside the box. If you still don't have access to a punching bag you need to start thinking of how to gain access to one; it's part of this program and is going to be used quite frequently - make it happen.