Monday Black Session Week 5

A New Day

WAR WorkoutA1. 8 Thrusters    Rest 20 secondsA2.10, 15 or 20 Pull Ups    Rest 3 Minutes X 5B. 30 Squat Box Jumps (30",24") For Time    Rest 2 MinutesC. Tabata Push Ups - 4 Minutes (Low Score)GYM NOTE: This will be a good start to a good week. Challenge yourself on the Thruster load. Challenge yourself on the pull up rep scheme. On B, you will squat to parallel, then explode, standing up fully at the top. Scaled will jump to the height of the pull up bar. Let's have a good day. Always Changing:Addiction seems to always be changing. It could be the NyQuil at night for a time; the Caffeine pills or Energy Drinks in the morning for a time; the occasional (which then leads to consistent) run in with Lor Tabs or Percocets for a time; Weed for a time; Nicotine for a time; Alcohol for a time; Valium for a time; Amphetamines for a time; Tylenol PM for a time; a certain Song for a time; a type Music for a time; a type of music Artist for a time; Food for a time; Nutrition for a time; Routine for a time. Point being that, addiction flows from substance to substance, regardless of how mild or severe that substance might be. The Dragon knows that if he can keep you tangled up in just one thing; not only will He still be able to play an intricate role in your life; but He can still hold on to  his relationship with you as well.  His goal is to keep you caught in something; because he knows that just that particular something will eventually lead you back to where he wants you.Addiction is season oriented. During the summer you seem to be fine and even into the fall. But for whatever reason addiction likes to make herself known in the winter and spring time. Whispers from the Dragon become clearer and more intensified - guiding your mind towards the inevitable deceit.Or what about even becoming addicted to a routine where you've found certain things that help you, so you make these things a priority; but in a sense, you do still get addicted to them, whether they're good things or bad things.What about getting addicted to the good things of this world. Is that even possible? What about filling your day with good things, spiritual things, things of importance and then becoming addicted to those things. Who says that you've gotta be addicted to the worldly things. Why can't you be addicted to the spiritual essences of this world?- which (If you think about it deeply) is where all good stems from anyway.Why can't you become addicted to spirituality? Why can't you become addicted to reading powerful books? Books about Christ and God, and then looking to gain an understanding of what it is They have to offer.  Why wouldn't you want to look into what They have to offer?-especially since you struggle so badly with addiction.The reason these Unworldly things (things of spirituality) are so hard to get addicted to is because they require effort on your part. The Worldly things (temporary things) require little effort, and are not real nor lasting; therefore, they become fake and are even deceiving.The Unworldly substances are real, and are  full of good things. Addiction to these Unworldly substances will take a diligent effort on your part, but it is doable. The brain just needs the opportunity to learn it; and to learn it well. And then from there the mind will expand as your testimony of spirituality increases; then becoming a beautiful thing in your life.  Now you're motivated, and are in a better position to get addicted to the things that are going to bring you lasting happiness. You will now come to realize that addiction can work for the good in your life, just like She can work for the bad in your life.-Hawk