Saturday Black Session Week 4


Weekend JourneyA. Go for a 20 Minute Jog at a Z1 pace (a pace you could have a conversation at). Make this happen. Put the necessary gear on to insure warmness; put some head phones on with your favorite tunes available; and make this Happen. The weather is supposed to be magical (clear and 39 degrees). Have a good experience, email me pics or comments. dustinhawkins@workoutaddictionrecovery.comB. This weekend I want you to do something that you used to love to do – but have lost touch with over the years.  Think back to when you were young and innocent and do some kind of activity that used to be a big part of your life.  Some ideas could be: Hiking, Running, Skiing, Walking, Basketball, Fishing, Etc.  Everyone has something that they used to like to do – so get back in touch with that something, do it, and then write about it.