Thursday Black Session Week 4

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WAR WorkoutA.Back Squat 3 reps X 3 (90%)    Rest 2 MinutesB. 4 TnG power clean & jerk on the top of every minute for 6 Minutes (185,175,155,135,215, 95, 64 -  Choose a load; challenge yourself)    Rest 5 Minutes AMRoundAP in 10 Minutes of:7 Ring Dips7 Burpees7 Pull Ups Snowshoeing Experience:I went snowshoeing around 4:15pm, and got off the mountain around 5:15pm.  That one hour of escape, in to the mountains, at that particular time of night; wow I say! It truly was a magical experience where I felt even high; I can't fully describe what this journey did for my soul, but it did something worth writing about. I'm finding that all it takes is to think outside the box, and make the things we faintly think about, into an actual reality. I'm lifted from that experience; it pulled me out of the hole I was in, and I'm back. This WAR lifestyle is a trip; it's up and down at times. A part of it can unnoticeably slip away, leading us to forget about the little simple things that used to excite us.The beauty of it all, is that we can in fact be reawakened to those experiences of the past once again just by being in tune, and looking to recognize this special glimpse that has been whispered so freely into our mind; and then not being afraid to act on that glimpse. This then leads us to think about, and even consider a new routine.  A new routing that might cast light over the shadow that has been engulfing us for so long. We then recall that this part of the lifestyle has somehow slipped away from us; and now we again see the good and peace it brings; and are motivated, now more than ever, to bring it back into our lives.There is power in being active, and looking for the experience in all things. There is so much this world has to offer; all we have to do is be creative in our thinking, and then put that thinking into action.Don't be afraid to be weird; don't be afraid to be unique, and even different; for it's only weird and different in the worlds way. Go with your heart and soul when thoughts of good are whispered into your mind; and let the invisible hand of help guide you in your pursuit.-Hawk