Monday Black Session Week 4

Cold Soul

WAR Workout

A. OHS 5 Reps X 3   Rest 2 minutesB1. 3 Power Cleans/3 ThrustersB2. 10 Squat High Box JumpsRest 2 Minutes X 5C. Row 2k for time + 100 double unders

GYM NOTE:  Introducing the OHS today. Beginners are basically just working on the OHS; advanced will do as prescribed. We will work in part A until everyone is familiar with this lift.  Some will lack flexibility in which we will work on the OHS hold in the active position. This movement is challenging, and takes time. Don't get frustrated.We are in week 2 of doing the power clean. On B1 I want 3 good reps (not touch and go), dropping it at the top. After the third power clean I want 3 good thrusters, scaled will just be three front squats. I really want to focus on getting better at these movements today, so I want to slow down a bit. Advanced I want you to challenge yourself with your loads, while at the same time being crisp and efficient with these movements. B2 is a slow air squat, into an explosive high as possible box jump for 10 reps (stepping down). Advanced stack plates on the top of the 30 inch box if necessary. Part C is 100 percent effort 2k row, followed by DU's. If you don't have DU's work on them for a time following the row.  Don't just do singles. Thanks

Classroom Presentation / Discussion:

A. Weekend Assignment Discussion

B. Spirituality Presentation

Seeking a Spiritual Life

As we draw farther from the worldly things, we feel closer to God and are more able to be guided by his spirit.  We call this quality of life Spirituality.We seek spirituality through faith, hope, and righteous acts; through forgiveness of one another, through meditation and prayer; through righteous desires and pure thoughts and actions.  We seek spirituality through service to our fellowmen; through worship; through feasting on the word of God.  We attain spirituality through making and keeping promises, through conscientiously trying to live a clear life filled with correct choices.  Spirituality is not acquired suddenly.  It is the consequence of a succession of right choices.  It is the harvest of a righteous life.Beyond receiving the gift of Spirituality by our efforts to live righteously, we want to keep that Spirituality with us.  We do this by continuing to be obedient and diligent in all that we do.  We cannot be spiritual if we are angry in our hearts; or are continuously living a clouded life.  Our spirituality departs when we are unclean in both mind and body; the spirit does not dwell in unclean places.

“Spirituality is the consciousness of victory over self, and of communion with the infinite. Spirituality impels one to conquer difficulties and acquire more and more strength. To feel one’s faculties unfolding and truth expanding the soul is one of life’s sublimest experiences”