Friday Black Session Week 3

Purple Haze

WAR PROGRAM NOTE: This message is mainly for the people who have already been through the WAR 12 week program. The WAR 12 week program is at 10am & 6pm and is only for those individuals participating in the actual 12 week program (Gym,Journal,classroom,etc). Im fine with the people who have already gone through the program coming and participating as well; in fact I welcome you, you just have to be committed so I can count on you. I'm tired of people just coming and going as they please. This is not a Gym, it's a non-profit organization; a foundation who's aim is to help people see a new way; this is a program, not a gym membership. If you want a Gym membership I can put you in touch with Crossfit The Club.Don't get this message twisted because I love you all. I just want everyone to know that if you are apart of this WAR program, you need to act like it, and not just treat it like a regular gym. The classroom is the most important aspect of this program, and when people skip out after the workout that's unacceptable in my eyes, and I won't run a program like that. We are all about trying to help each other, and when you skip out early you're only being selfish. I realize that people have stuff to get home to, but if that's the case don't come to the 6pm class, because the 6pm class is the WAR program where we are in week 3 of the black session. It's a program!!I realize that your options are limited outside of the WAR program. So basically I have an open gym @ 4,5,&7pm. You can come workout any of those times if you just want to get a workout in and bounce.Being offended is a choice, so I hope you don't choose to get offended because I love you all, but I strongly felt that I needed to say this. Fix it, make it happen, and see the big picture of this program. -HawkWAR WorkoutA1. Back Squat 5 Reps X 5 (85% Effort for five sets across)    Rest 20 secondsA2. Pull ups 20,15, OR 10 Reps X 5 (Choose a Rep Scheme and stick with it-advanced, unbroken)    Rest 3 MinutesB. Tabata Box Jumps - 4 minutes 20 inch box    Rest 1 MinuteC. 12 Burpees AFastAP X 5    Rest 1 MinuteGYM NOTE: Warm up To 85% effort and then stick with the same load on all 5 sets for the back squat. Challenge yourself on the pull up rep scheme. Stick to the rest times. Let's have a good one. Thanks.Weekend Assignment:  What is your definition of Spirituality?  This weekend I want you to go to the most quite place you can think of and meditate.  It could be in your car, in the mountains, or wherever – just get away from everything.  Think nothing but positive thoughts, pray, talk to yourself, notice how slow everything moves in that quite relaxing environment.  Think deep!!  Do this for 30 to 45 minutes - and then write about the experience in your journal.

“Make this Happen- having a sense of spirituality about you is an incredible feeling.  You feel like you constantly have help”

 “Spirituality allows you to conquer difficulties and acquire more and more strength”