Thursday Black Session Week 3

Clear Is the Way

WAR WorkoutA. In 12 Minutes; build to a challenging single in the Power Clean      +B1. 5 Power Cleans (155,135,115,95) X 5    Rest 10B2. 20 KBS unbroken (70,55,35) X 5    Rest 10B3. Bench Press- AMRAP (135,95,65) X 5    Rest 3 minutesGYM NOTE: We are introducing the power clean this day. We have been hammering the clean high pulls, and everyone is starting to get pretty good at them. You need to be thinking the same thing with the power clean, only we are adding the third and final pull:  (1st pull) Dead to mid thigh/pockets with a good consistent back angle. (2nd pull) hips(think about jumping)open fully leading into high pull. (3rd pull) Pulling yourself under the bar, simultaneously sliding your feet out as if there was a trap door opening from under neath you; and then catching the bar in the rack position (Elbows high, front shoulder shelf). With the power clean you are not catching it in the front squat. You are catching it above parallel where you will then need to stand up fully to finalize and complete the lift. We will be working on this movement for the first 12-15 minutes of class. Work in pairs, coaching each other through A1-A3. My goal is for you all to develop an eye. Let's have a good day.Classroom Presentation / Discussion:A. Exercise of FaithB. Amazing Power of the Mind as it Relates to the BodyReally take some time to read and study the below content.  For any change to take place in our lives we must first have faith & hope, that if we take the leap of faith to change; and continue striving to make a new positive path in our lives, that we will get better - finding peace and happiness once again.For those that just started, wouldn't you say that this WAR program is in fact a leap of faith? You don't know if it's going to work. You have to have faith that it's going to work, and then you must  strive to make it so.

Exercise of Faith

“Faith without works is dead”-James 2:26

 To Exercise Faith we must do our part. It means taking seriously what is taught, considering it carefully studying it out in our minds, and applying it in our lives.

     -Robert D. HalesCharacter is not developed in moments of great challenge or temptation.  That is when it is intended to be used.  Your exercise of faith in correct principles builds character; fortified (strengthened) character expands your capacity to exercise more faith.  As a result, your capacity and confidence to conquer the trials of life is enhanced.  The more your character is fortified (Strengthened), the more enabled you are to benefit from exercising the power of faith.  You will discover how faith and character interact to strengthen one another.  Character is woven patiently from threads of applied principle and obedience.     -Richard G. Scott