Wednesday Black Session Week 3

My Name Is Opiate

I will first introduce you to my cousin Codeine when you get your wisdom teeth out, or have your first surgery.  Codeine will treat you right; you will enjoy what she has to offer for a time. You will like the warm, fuzzy, confident feeling she gives you at first.  You will like the overwhelmingly happy feeling Codeine gives you, and you will like how proactive and talkative she makes you.  Codeine will be off and on in your life, but she will never quite leave you.  She has caught your attention; and made an impression on you, causing a strong remembrance of how good she can make you feel.  You now use Codeine to socialize on, you don’t need her for pain anymore.  You use Codeine at parties, movies, and family events. You use her when you are stressed and burdened with life’s heavy labors. You use her for anything that you want to have a better time at, which has now become everything.  Codeine has now become your most prized possession and companion; she is now always by your side, in your pocket, and ready to be of use when you need her; which has now become “all the time”.Codeine is really working hard for you now.  She has become tired from being overused; she cannot provide the same way as she did in the past; she has lost her kick.Since my cousin Codeine has lost her kick, it’s my turn to take this game over.  My name is Opiate.  I can give you everything Codeine did and more.  I can give you back that warm fuzzy feeling.  I can make you confident and social again.  I can last longer than codeine.  I can do everything better than Codeine; you will never need to go back to her.  My goal is to take you to the top, and then slowly watch you fall.  I want to steal your soul; and dull your senses; and make it so you can never leave me.  When you do try and leave me, I will make your legs and back ache.  I will make you sick.  I will turn you into an insomniac.  You will be begging to come back to me. Little did you know that this was going to become a lifelong relationship when you first met my cousin Codeine.  Your relationship with her was easy to get over compared to me.  I will always be there, in the back of your mind, no matter how long we stay apart.-Hawk