Monday Black Session Week 3


WAR WorkoutFor Time Complete:Row 750 Meters50 Double Unders (75 Singles)30 Burpees30 KBS (70,55)50 Pull UpsRow 750 MetersGYM NOTE: Post/Log Time. Let's have a good week. Be on time.Classroom Presentation / DiscussionA. Importance of Creating Positive Relationships 

Self Understanding:

Self understanding is the understanding one must have of him or herself in order to have a fair fight with the dragon. When the Dragon declares WAR on us, it's an all out pursuit on his part to ruin and steal our peace for a time. Where we have the advantage, and even hope, is when we have a deep profound understanding of our own characteristics, weaknesses, struggles, and even strengths. We have to know what to do when we catch the addiction sickness; because thats exactly what it is - a sickness. Just like a regular old common cold that we catch three, maybe four times a year; the addiction sickness strikes us in a similar fashion. Once we get sick, and the WAR is upon us, we have to be able to recognize it, and then implement our game plan so that we can overcome the sickness; and just as with a cold, we strive to eventually become healthy again.There is such an experience to be had by developing a deep understanding of ourselves. We start breaking things down in our minds. We start reading influential books and comparing our new found understanding to that of our own behavior, which then causes us to even take a deeper look. We then start seeing our life from a different angle. We start gaining momentum, and become motivated by this new angle of vision. We see something special that then motivates us to increase this angle, causing it to turn into a path.  This new path now motivates us even more to seek understanding of not only ourselves, but also of ways and opportunities to live an enhanced, elite life through a clear lens. Now we are motivated to stay clear because we have found success and peace on this new found path; and to go back to that dark way of life seems almost impossible.  This new way of life has now become a beautiful thing in our eyes; and we now see the benefit in continuing to live this elite way.The WAR workbook is a tool for you to use in capturing thoughts and ideas that come to your mind as you deeply study these WAR concepts. You have to get your thoughts down on paper; and you have to do this on a daily basis. You have to examine and study various attributes, and look to  receive these attributes as a gift, because that's exactly what they become if we diligently search them out; but we only receive them if we have a desire to obtain them; without desire, there is no motivation on our part to work for these gifts.You can receive the gift of charity, hope, faith, diligence, meekness, humbleness and love; all of which bring peace to the soul, and light to all who surround you. These more meaningful gifts from on high, not only are a benefit to you in your own life, but all those who surround you as well. Now you start seeing the benefit in clear conversation with family members and friends. You start seeing the benefit in going out of your way to visit a loved one you may have lost touch with over the years. You start seeing the importance of being helpful and charitable in all that you do. You start seeing the importance of gratitude, and being thankful for the mistakes you may have made in your life; and you come to the realization that these mistakes have only made you stronger, and more receptive to the good things of this world. Now all the former mistakes you have made, or even the people you may have hurt or offended along the way, are now mistakes of the past; and are forgotten due to the new person you have become. Now you aren't ashamed of the past; and are even willing to talk about it because you aren't even close to being that person you once used to be - you've changed. You are now glowing, and full of these gifts that I speak of. These are the type of gifts that turn people inside out; from an ordinary person to an extraordinary person; from a dark person, to a person of light; from being sick, to becoming healthy and at peace. In my humble opinion, these are the most meaningful gifts we can receive in this life.Studying, searching, pondering and then sincerely praying about your studying, searching, and pondering can be one of the most profoundly spiritual experiences a person will ever have. Through diligent study such as this, a person will really come to understand themselves.  Now when the dragon whispers, they will know what to do immediately. They will have a strong spiritual foundation that will  counteract the dragons whisper with a whisper of self confidence, and sureness that they are prepared to fight the battle; and more importantly, win the battle.Addiction is one of those things that I have come to terms with in my life. I've finally grasped that this isn't a quick fix, and that it's going to be a life long pursuit to stay healthy. It's going to be a lifelong pursuit to keep the amount of times I get sick to a low number. I've come to realize that I am going to get sick; now how bad that sickness gets, well, I'm the only one who can determine that. But what I do know is this: If I continuously seek an understanding of He who has already felt the pain of my addiction; then eventually His great sacrifice and work will come to full force in my life, where I will then be healed. This, that I speak of, can be a living, breathing thing in our lives if we allow it to be; but in order for it to be, we have to diligently seek It, which means we first have to understand ourselves, and then through us, He will change us from the inside out.-Hawk