Tuesday Black Session Week 2

Get Past It

WAR Workout5-7 Rounds For Time of:5 Push Press (155,135,115,95,65)7 Russian KBS (70,55,35)10 Pull Ups (Adv. CTB)    +Rest Exactly 2 MinutesRow 1kGYM NOTE: Score is total time including the rest and row. On the push press there is no dip under the bar- its not a push jerk. It's a dip through the heals, hips, press, getting the weight over the heals at the top (through the window). At the beginning of class we will work on the Pull Up (Kipp Swing). We will also review the row technique & KB swing in depth.WAR Classroom: Chet Brooks, LCSW, will be presenting on the "Stages of Change" @ 9:45am and 6:45pm - right after the workout. Make sure you study the WAR Workbook prior to coming to class so you can get the most out of his presentation. This is important - get the most out of this program. Thanks. Worldly Substances:When we focus all our time and efforts on the substances of this world we become selfish in our ways, and our thinking. We inherit thinking errors, which ties up our mind, causing an internal battle that often times can be unbearable. The benefits of spirituality slowly diminish, where we are then left to fend for ourselves, feeling hopeless and non confident. These worldly substances start tricking us into thinking that the only way we can be happy in this life is through their use. They make it seem like the downtimes are unbearable without them; and then we end up thinking about these worldly substances more often than not because we know that they will provide us with temporary fast relief.  This temporary fast relief, in a deceiving way, is actually a relief from the worldly substance itself, which in reality is what created this unbearable state in the first place; which then leads to the formation of the horrific relationship between addiction and depression. The worldly substances cause addiction; addiction then feeds depression; and then depression feeds the need for these worldly substances all over again, creating a viscious cycle.The cycle that takes place from these worldly substances only brings darkness into our life and minds. The once so ever present light that used to accompany us, is now shadowed by a dark negative aura that is easily recognizable to all who surround us. We become self-conscious about everything. The next day we tell ourselves that we will not repeat the cycle, and the dragon even seems to stay out of our minds for a brief time; but just when we think we are going to make it, the dragon whispers. The worldly substance comes back into our thought process, and the remembrance becomes a powerful force in our thinking. We remember the pleasure and the pain, but for some reason the pleasure far outweighs the pain, and then impulse takes over.How do we break the cycle of these powerful worldly substances? How do we bring the peace back into our lives? How do we quench the thirst, and get back to appreciating life as it really is? These are all valid questions, and ones that I wish there were easy answers to, but unfortunately there's not. Addiction is tricky, and is different for everyone. For me it's not letting my mind snowball into something I can't control. If my mind does end up snowballing, I turn to exercise immediately, where I focus on getting lost in intense physical activity, while letting my mind wander in different directions, hoping that it will find a different path; a path that is different from the previous one; a path that can still get me high, but naturally.  This natural high that I speak of is one that exercise can provide us with; it's a high that we don't have to chase or come down from; it's as real as it gets, but it takes diligent effort on our part. After exercise I turn to spirituality and prayer; and even during the exercise I start asking for help and guidance in getting me to a positive place mentally. The exercise coupled with spirituality is what transfers my thoughts on to this new path, ultimately changing, or reprogramming my thinking to that of a more sound and controlled way. I am now in control of the WAR, where before I was just a victim, soon to be casualty of the WAR.Spirituality plays a huge role in helping us manage the substances of this world. I don't care what anyone says, these substances are so powerful that we need help to control this strong poison that tempts and threatens us; and this help can only come from God. During our most intense cravings, where a bad decision is about to be made, only He can calm us down, and help us to feel at peace again. This is not to say that it doesn't come through diligent and heartfelt effort, because it does. He requires a great amount of effort on our part in order to feel His comforting peace. We have to slow ourselves down; become meek in our thoughts and actions; and then patiently seek Him; humbling ourselves powerless; and only then will we recognize the calming effects that spirituality has to offer. The thoughts of the worldly substances are still very much present, but have now moved further in to the back of our mind; and as mentioned before, we are now in a better position to fight the WAR; and even win the WAR.-Hawk