Thursday Black Session Week 1

Fall's Landing

WAR WorkoutA. 5 reps X 3 (Lets see where your at for 3 sets across)    Rest 2 MinutesB. 5 Shoulder press/5 Push Press X 3    Rest 2 minutesC. Complete 30,20,10 reps of wall balls for time    Rest Exact 1 minuteD. 50 Kneez2Elbows for time.GYM NOTE: 3 sets across for the back squat means using the same challenging weight for 5 reps X 3. Work your way up to the weight you are going to use, and then perform 3 work sets with that weight- challenge yourself. Beginners will start light - I will tell you what weight you will be using. Make sure you stick to the rest times; this includes in between A,B,C&D as well. Get in the habit of constantly watching the clock; once you finish a set, your eyes should look straight up at the clock. Be diligent and precise at this, it's what makes the workout. Think about forcing your knees out on the back squat. On part B, be consistent with where your elbows travel; they need to be slightly forward with your wrists cocked back, this is not a military press. Perform a strict shoulder press for 5, directly into the push press for 5, emphasizing dipping straight down, and through your heals. C & D are just like they sound. We will thoroughly go through the entire workout and it's movements for the first 20 minutes of class. Come ready to have a good experience. Thanks.ClASSROOM NOTE: classroom will start @6:50.  Curriculum: Why we want to achieve hormonal balance; Nutrition & Life Performance; Nutrition and Gym performance; Motivation & HOPE.  

A look at My Day of Eating

Breakfast @8am: Oatmeal, 1 scoop of protein mixed in oatmeal along with whole Milk; Hand full of Almonds. Chug a glass of water.Snack@10:30am: Half of a sliced red pepper; 2 hardboiled eggs; hand full of almonds. Chug a glass of water.Lunch@12:30: varies- steak salad, chicken salad, 6 inch subway turkey double meat and veggies. Water.Snack@3pm: Turkey Jerky, apple, handful of almonds. Chug a glass of water.Snack@6pm: Fist sized chunk of Deli Turkey, Other half of red pepper, apple, handful of almonds. Bottled water.Dinner@8pm: Whatever wife cooks. Usually has lots of vegetables, fish or chicken, guacomle. Chug a glass of water.Bed time snack @10:30pm: Protein Shake & almonds.Post what your day of eating looks like/write in you work book. Be honest so you can make comparisons down the road.