Wednesday Black Session Week 1

Active Rest Day; Be Active

Gods Gift:

I feel like God gave us all kinds of ways to get high naturally through being physically active; and by allowing us the opportunity to think outside the box in our pursuit. An active lifestyle doesn't come easy; you can't just sit on the couch and expect it to happen; you have to work for it. When you are in the middle of, or even after doing something physically active, you have to deeply reflect on the experience, and look to recognize the peace and joy that accompanied that experience. Then your brain starts working for you instead of against you. Your memory triggers to the healthy activity, which causes you to want to experience it again. You may even want to take the experience further, and even think more outside the box. Now instead of just going on a hike up Malans canyon, you are now thinking about running up Malans canyon.  Now instead of just sitting at the top of Malans for a few minutes, you are now thinking about meditating, taking pictures,and maybe even building a fire. These are just examples, but the point being that you need to allow your mind to become creative during physical activity, and follow through with its creative impulses, which will then lead you to finding joy in other avenues of the experience. It's not just the experience itself that brings you joy, but it's the small, little things within the experience that keeps you coming back for more. It's those small, little things that are often times overlooked; they are what keep you motivated to think outside the box, and enjoy physical activity on a heightened level.Go on hikes, shovel your driveway, go on a walk, go running, lift weights, plays sports, go skiing, go fishing, work in your yard, play catch with your kid, clean your garage; be physically active in all aspects of your life; do whatever physical activity you can think of that might make for an incredible experience. Make physical activity into a spiritual experience. Talk to yourself, meditate, look all around you, and learn to be thankful for the blessings and opportunities you have in your life. Be thankful for the small, unexpected hiccups life often times presents us with, and then practice living in the moment.Be thankful for the wonderful gift of physical activity, for without it, who knows where you or I'd be.-Hawk