Tuesday Black Session Week 1

Heightened Life

WAR WorkoutPerform 4 sets at 100% each set:10 Touch&Go Clean High Pulls (95,75)15 Calorie Rows20 Pushups - Advanced True Push Ups (Elevated 45's CTD)    Rest 3 Minutes      +Rest Exactly 3 Minutes15 Box Jumps - 20 inch; Advanced 20 Box Jumps - 20 inch    Rest 30 seconds X 4    +Rest Exactly 1 minute1 max set of as many Push Press as Possible (95,65); Advanced AMRepsAP HSPU.GYM NOTE: Similar model to yesterday's workout. Stick to the rest times. Like yesterday, we will warm up going through the movements. On the max movement at the end, you'll need to have the bar that you are going to use cause you'll only have a minute before going into it. Advanced do HSPU. Let's be efficient, and have a good workout. Go hard on the 4 sets, that is the reasoning behind the rest. Your row should be an all out effort- try and get a Calorie per pull.ClassroomWAR Dietician Jacie Bailey is coming at 9:45am & 6:45pm. Don't be late. WAR workout will start at 9am & 6pm.