Monday Black Session Week 1

The Black Session

Program Note: We have some new people starting the class this week, make sure you welcome them with love; help them to feel comfortable. Let's get better these next 12 weeks; lets improve ourselves. For those that have been active in this program, I challenge you to recommit yourselves. This program is all about helping each other improve. Let's motivate each other to improve and grow over these next 12 weeks. I'm so thankful for everyone, and look forward to working with all of you this winter. Make it Happen Cap'n.Don't be late - this is important.... WAR starts in the Gym at 6PM, and the classroom will be at 6:45. I've also got a small group going at 10AM.WAR WorkoutPerform 2 rounds @ 100% and then rest 1 minute X 35 Thrusters (95,65)7 KB Swings (70,55,35)9 supine ring pull ups    Rest 1 minute      +Rest Exactly 2 Minutes10 Burpees AFastAP X 4    Rest 30 seconds      +Rest Exactly 2 Minutes5 Minute strict Pull Up Latter 5-10 Reps on the top of every minute. Advanced 10 minute strict Pull Up Latter.GYM NOTE: We will warmup going thoroughly through the movements in the workout for about the first 15-20 minutes of class - then we will do the workout. The workouts will be scaled for all the new people. Scale pull ups with the band & Jumping. Stick to the rest times in between movements as well as interval rest times.  Lets have a good workout - help and encourage each other.  Thanks.Hope: Think about what you Hope to get out of this WAR program. Research "Hope", and how it may apply in your life. Why, in this program, would we place such an emphasis on Hope? Why do we need to have "Hope" in our lives? Think deep about "Hope", research it, and then if you feel compelled to do so, talk about it in the classroom. Remember, the classroom experience is up to you. Study out these concepts prior to coming to class; your comments may really help someone.Read the below blurb by Robert Hales; he makes and incredible point.

Taking Control of Our Destiny


Robert D. Hales

Many people approach life as if they were a twig floating down a river rather than kayakers who direct the course they take.   Too many are like the twig, simply floating through life and into the critical moments of their destiny.  When we do that, we are subject to the whims of the world and the currents of life.  Many of us are going through life saying to ourselves, If I just keep going long enough, I’m going to get somewhere.  But we don’t define exactly where that somewhere should be.

How tragic it is when we fall into believing that all is predestined.  The idea that we are predestined to go down a certain road and that wherever we go and wherever we end up is where we should have been all along – no, I am not a believer in that.  There are too many of us who go through life, regard some action of our own doing, and say with conviction, well, that must have been what was supposed to happen to me.  It isn’t true.  What we do to ourselves is not necessarily our destiny.Don’t let life just happen.  Our goals, motives, and diligent efforts determine where we go in life.  Life is not predestined. What we want and what we set out to do on a daily and weekly basis shapes what we accomplish in our lives.  If we have no “hope” or goals, then we are like Alice in Wonderland.  We are traveling somewhere but nowhere in particular.  Of course we are going to end up somewhere if we keep going, but is that where we want to be?