Friday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Another piece of equipment you are going to need access to - Skate Skis. Should be a sick addition to the programming... we can rent them at Weber State 

WAR WorkoutA1. Back Squat 3 reps X 3 (85%)    Rest 10 secondsA2. Weighted Push Ups-45lbs AMRepsAP X 3    Rest 2 Minutes    +rest 5 minutes4 rounds for time of:10 Left Arm KB Snatch (55)10 Right Arm KB Snatch (55)50 Double Unders (Scaled 75 singles)GYM NOTE: Moving up slightly on the back squat to 85% effort. Let's bump our loads up slightly from Monday. The push ups will vary for everyone.  You need to be able to get at least 10 reps with some sort of load on you back. If you can't get at least 10 - then just do BW.  On the Metcon KB Snatch, don't worry about hitting the floor each time, just swing it like a kettle-bell - popping it directly into the snatch. Double Unders are what they are. The only way you are going to get them is by practicing, which is why I keep putting them into workouts.  We will warm-up with double unders as well.