Thursday WAR Strength & Conditioning

You are Going to need Access to Snowshoes this Winter. I'm planning on implementing their use into the programming quite frequently - especially on the Saturday Journey. Make it happen. If you don't want to buy, you can rent them up at Weber State. Also, Costco has them on sale right now.

WAR WorkoutA. 3 Power Snatch/5 OHS X 3    Rest 2 MinutesB1. 6 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters (Fast&Aggressive)    Rest 15 SecondsB2. 15 pullups - Supinated Grip     Rest 2 Minutes X 4    +Rest 5 Minutes4 rounds for time:10 HSPU OR 10 Shoulder Press10 BurpeesGYM NOTE: Really working hard on technique with power snatch and over head squat. After third PS, you will go directly into OHS. Think about all three pulls on the PS (Dead to mid thigh, hips, pockets, high pull, pull under the bar). Active shoulders on the OHS. The hang squat clean needs to be fast and efficient. Think about jumping, this will ensure that your hips fully open and then close, catching it in the rack front squat position (sliding feet out, moving them back in on the return). Pull ups are Supinated grip (curl grip). The 4 rounds for time is just like it sounds - looking for high intensity. Thanks.