Monday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Colio on the Saturday Journey

WAR WorkoutA1. Back Squat 3 Reps X 3 (80%)    Rest 5 SecondsA2. 20 Unbroken Box Jumps - 20inch Box (work on speed/full extension)    Rest 2 Minutes    +Rest Exactly 4 Minutes In BetweenAMRoundsAP in 15 Minutes of:5 Pull Ups (Adv.CTB)7 Ring Dips (scaled bench dips)9 Air SquatsGYM NOTE: Back Squat is based on 80% effort just like last week. Advanced, 80% of Back Squat 3 RM. Be quick and efficient on the box jumps - opening up all the way at the top.  The AMRAP is just like it sounds.  Working on solid range of motions.  Use the ball on the air squats if you are unsure of depth. This is a good one - come ready to make it happen. Thinking about the relationship between WAR Workouts and Life Performance:There is an incredible relationship between life performance and WAR Gym Performance. The WAR Workouts are challenging by nature, meaning they challenge you both physically and mentally. These workouts can push you to the limits at times, but then again life can push you to the limits at times as well. So I ask you, what's your idea of the relationship between being in elite shape, both physically, mentally, and nutritionally? And everyday performance in life?Once a person starts getting efficient with the WAR Movements they then start getting confidence.  This confidence leads to a surge of increased gym intensity. This increased gym  intensity leads to an increased ability to endure pain. This new ability to endure pain has now taught this person how to be comfortable being uncomfortable. Life is also uncomfortable at times; we have to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable in every day life - right?  Once this happens to an individual, something special takes form in their lives. This special something, as mentioned before, is confidence. Now this individuals body is starting to change; they have an increase in energy like they've never before felt.  Their strength has improved immensely; they almost can't believe what they did in the gym the night before. They have come to realize that they are capable of more than they ever thought possible. Now when this person is out in public they walk a little different. They are now not only confident in their physical appearance, but also in their capability to now handle any given situation that life may present them with. If they need to protect their family from danger - they are now confident in themselves to do so. If they need to perform in some type of event - they are now confident in themselves to do so. If they need to work a day filled with rigorous activity and hard labor - they are now confident, and able to do so. The point being is that the WAR Gym experience prepares individuals for all the demands of life, whether they be physical demands, or mental demands.Now think about this - what about career demands? What about earning the respect of your colleagues, supervisors, or even the executives of your company? How might your WAR Gym performance roll over into earning the respect of your superiors? Picture this with me if you will. Picture an employee who doesn't take care of him or herself physically. This person is over weight, unhealthy, and puts off a non confident demeanor. This person may in fact be a good employee, that works hard, and is somewhat confident in him or herself, but because of their physical appearance they don't put off the impression that they are a good, hard working, confident employee; they are lacking something. Now picture that same employee, but in peak physical and nutritional condition. Picture this person carrying from meeting to meeting a bag of almonds, fruit, and some turkey jerky; mingling with colleagues in a confident, charismatic way. Now how do you think this person appears to his or her colleagues? Wouldn't you think that this person now appears confident, healthy, and obviously disciplined in how they take care of themselves. You would think that this person would have to be a hard worker right? They probably wake up every morning at 5 am to go workout. If they aren't waking up at 5am, they are going in right after work.  Every night this person is preparing their food for the next days journey so that they can properly fuel themselves for maximal performance in not only the gym, but their daily life as well. if a person is this dedicated and disciplined outside of work, it would make sense that they would be this dedicated and disciplined inside of work - right?Post thoughts to comments & Come ready to discuss in the classroom