Friday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Eerie Feeling

WAR WorkoutA. Ring Plank Holds on a minute, rest a minute X 3      +rest 5 minutes - warmup to snatch weight7 Rounds For Time Of:3 Power Snatch (135,115,95,75)250 Meter Row      +rest exactly 1 minute after 7 rounds are completedB. Ring Plank Holds on a minute, rest a minute X 3GYM NOTE: Stick to the exact rest times in between training. The 7 rounds is for time - go hard, intensity is key. Once finished you will rest exactly 1 minute before moving on to B. Make it happen cap'n.Reminder: To all the WAR Strength & Conditioning Folks, or those who have been through, and graduated from the WAR 12 Week program. A new WAR12 Week Session starts Monday November 14th. We will be starting in the Black Session. I've updated the WAR Work Book and the classroom curriculum and I'm very excited about it; it should be a whole new experience.  Let me know if you would like a new WAR Work Book.  I also need to know if you are planning on going through the course again. Remember, if you tell me you want to go through the course again, Ill be thrilled to have you, however I am going to plan on you every night - so it will be a commitment on your part. If you want to go through the 12 week course you will need to do the following: be there 4 nights a week, diligently work out of the WAR Book, participate in the weekend assignments, go hard in the gym (Logging in Gym Journal, Post on the Blog, get better at the movements, etc), and actively participate in the classroom discussions. Basically, in a nutshell, I want you to go through the course at 100% effort.  If you can't go through the course at a 100% effort, then don't tell me you want to go through the course again.Thanks for all that you do, and I look forward to seeing you on November 14th. -Hawk