Thursday WAR Strength & Conditioning

Through the Fog

WAR WorkoutA. Front Squat 3 Reps X 3 (80%)    Rest 2 MinutesB1. Bench Press 6 Reps    Rest 15 secondsB2. Squat Clean 3 TnG Reps    Rest 15 secondsB3. Chest2Deck Burpees AFastAP 6 Reps    Rest 2 Minutes X 5C. Double Unders AMRepsAP in 7 MinutesGYM NOTE: The front squat is based on 80% effort. For you advanced its 80% of your 3 RM. On the B section we are looking for loads, not time. Stick to the rest, and challenge yourself on the BP & SC loads. We gotta get better at double Unders.  For those who still don't have them, this will be seven minutes of relentless practice. For those who have them - go hard, and see how many reps you can get. Post & Log Loads and DU reps.  Thanks